Martin Gallant


Ask anyone that knows him he is one of a kind, it is his birthday today if you see him buy him a beer and ask for a story, if not you should follow him on twitter @martingodfather the stories and tweets are worth it.

Squamish River


Every morning I walk my dog down by the Squamish river and I am always blown away by the amount of wildlife that is supported by the river. The early mornings in the backcountry are about to start and the leisurely dog walks will have to be put off until later in the day. Here are a couple photos from the last month of life at the river.

Playboard Photo Annual


I just received my copy of the Playboard photo annual and I am so excited to have the cover. I shot this while out with the 8mile crew in Pemberton last winter,  Shin came out for the day and warmed up with this method. As well I just updated my website with a new layout  and images,  my blog has also changed to Word Press so if you want to keep up with what is going on with me this winter you will have to change it in your blog reader.

See you in the mountains!