Mountain Life Magazine Assignment


The latest Mountain Life just dropped, and as always the crew put out a great mag. I am always interested to see what other people are up to in our backyard and  Jim Martinello didn’t disappoint this issue with a great little article on his trip with Dean Potter working on a show for The National Geographic Channel about the man who can fly. Those guys are next level and really that’s all there is to say about that, if you haven’t seen anything they have been up to make sure you click through and check it out.

I worked on an assignment for Mountain Life about Good Time Farming, a family run operation that is rocking the boat when it comes to farming. Basically they take over your backyard or any other space you are willing to give up and produce some great produce.Below are a couple pics that never made it in to the story as well as an old Instagram of what one of the boxes yield during the summer. Their stuff is delicious.

Port Townsend


Took a little trip south of the border a couple weeks back to Port Townsend with my beautiful girlfriend and friendly dog. The plan to camp was quickly changed with the early arrival of a storm, and we ended up staying at a great little cottage right in town at The Swan Hotel, which I highly recommend. Nothing to exciting happened besides sampling the local cuisine and spirits, but it is a great place to check out when your ready to get out of town for a minute.

I shot all these images with my trusty Canon s100, which continues to impress me. For a small compact camera it really packs a punch, it has all the power of my old G9 with a fraction of the size, and the lens on it is so nice.