Incoming From What We Want Films


I spent a few days with these Euros last season in the backcountry, lots of laughs and good times. Couple drunkin nights as well. The teaser for their new project just dropped and it seems like the boys have stepped up their game this year. Nice work guys can’t wait to see the full piece.



A Hel Of A Time With Helen Schettini


The hardest working lady in snowboarding is at it again. Helen just dropped her first episode in her new web series that is airing this year. The intro is nice and of course has some sweet riding in it. I got to work with Helen on a project last year that I can’t wait to come to print, as well she got me out of a sticky situation last season that I will forever be grateful for. She is a hell of a rider and a fine lady, I can’t wait to see the other episodes. She recently droppedĀ  a new website that you can check out and keep up to date with her awesomeness.

Iikka Backstrom – Light of Day


This was from the last year that Whiteout Films was around and the first year D.C. started getting a little heavier in the snowboard scene. We were climbing up the glacier in Brandywine in some flat light and Iikka launched into this crevasse. Probably one of the scarier situations I have witnessed when someone is doing around eighty km in front of you and then just disappears into the earth. As always Iikka was a champ, a little shaken up but he rode the sled out with no steering column that day. It looks like great minds think a like because is running a new series dusting off the old files right now, the first one was on Jussi and they just put one up with some of my old stuff. Don’t worry it didn’t thin out the Light of Day files that much.