Claudia Avon Slaying It

I first met Claudia Avon¬†on a trip a few years back. You really get to know someone when you are sleeping in a blizzard and your tent is caving in. Claudia was in high spirits the whole time and all you could hear was giggles coming form her tent at the amount of snow we were receiving. In the morning when the clouds parted she went to work slaying everything she could. She dropped this edit from her footage from last season and it has been getting the play it deserves. Keep your eye out for this young lady you will be seeing her slaying it more and more on your screens i’m sure.


Mexico Mega Post


Near the end of April one of my oldest friends tied the knot at a nice little all inclusive near Puerto Vallarta. I like to fancy myself more of a traveller and not so much an all inclusive kind of guy but you would have to be a fool not to enjoy drinks delivered pool side with some of your oldest friends and family. After we were free from the wedding obligations my beautiful lady and I spent a week a little farther north touring around and catching some waves, or should I say trying to catch some waves. Here are a couple shots from our travels in the beautiful country of Mexico.

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