Gary Wayne


“Necessity is the mother of all invention”

I did a little shoot with a friend last week for his new ski company Gary Wayne , which has been starting to take off a little. Sheldon is one of those rare individuals with a style and an imagination that can’t be matched. A couple years back he was unhappy with the way his skis were preforming in the deep coastal snow. You see he was holding down two season passes at once, one at Mt Baker and the other one here in Whistler and bagging more pow days in a year then most people get in a lifetime. So to get the most out of his skiing he made his own powder specific skis and hasn’t looked back. With a couple orders this year and a special edition ski made for Powder Mountain Catskiing, I bet it won’t be long until you see these popping up every where.

Nice work Sheldon.

Snowboard Canada Cover


One of my images just landed on the cover of the newest issue of Snowboard Canada. It is from a trip I did last season while I was on assignment for them, we were lucky enough to get shown around by Pat Kitto and a couple of the  island locals and came away from the trip with a bunch of bangers. I will be showing more from the trip once the magazine is out, for now here is the cover.

Thanks to the crew at SBC for the support over the years, as well as Joel for sending it!




I have been on a bit of a contest spree lately. I posted earlier about the PDN contest, and thought I would take a chance with this new one called THE OPEN. Turns out the shot of Shin made photo of the day on their blog. Thanks so much guys, make sure you check out the contest there is such a great variety of shots in it already.

Above is a shot of Shin from the same day, we need some snow I am itching to get out there. Click through the links to see what I have in the contest.


Everyone loves their iphone, it makes your life easier, all your info is in your pocket, when I dropped in on one I was most excited to have a decent camera with me at all times. I downloaded all different kinds of  photo apps for it but never really found one that I was super stoked on. Then in comes Instagram, I am addicted, I can admit it. It is a simple to use app with some amazing features. Not only does it give you choices of all your old favorite films, it has a tilt shift feature that I have yet to see anyone else even come close to. Everyday I walk my dog in the same area and now with Instagram my new challenge is to come up with a different shot each day. I really enjoy the challenge, it forces me to look at my environment differently then I normally would and  with it being the same space everyday it really makes me appreciate my area that much more.

Here are a couple from the daily walk.


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