Crossfit Whistler

I’m always stoked to get a call from a repeat client, especially when they’re as fun as the crew at  CrossFit Whistler. It was time for them to refresh their website and marketing images.The idea behind the shoot was to show off their new space, as well as produce images that display the relaxed group atmosphere they offer with their training, while helping you achieve your goals.

Crossfit Whistler Shoot


I am always excited to get a call form a repeat client so when Jordan from Crossfit Whistler let me know it was time to update his images and website again we started planning the shoot. It was not only great to work with a friend again but he was specific in what he wanted and then open to suggestions as the shoot progressed. The great thing about crossfit is it is not your ordinary gym where a bunch of people are running on treadmills listening to their own music. Everyone is cheering each other on and their is a definite sense of community in the gym, all while using simple weights and movements to exercise. This is what we decide to base the images and shoot around, the sense of community and the details of the equipment they use. Make sure to stop by and check the space out if you haven’t already and click through to see the new website.