Vancouver Canucks & Shane Adams

I made the trip down to Vancouver a couple days ago to run some errands. The usual stuff, pick up some prints, drop off some film at the lab, lunch with my buddy. I walked around for a bit taking some photos and then ran into one of my oldest friends Shane. It just so happened that it was game five of the western conference final and Shane was on his way in to work when he got a call that he had won a ticket to the nights game. As luck would have it I was standing beside him when he got this call, you see if he can’t give away the ticket in five minutes then it goes on to the next guy on the list. For me it was right place right time!

Thanks Bud!

Quick trip to Seattle

Took a little detour south last weekend with my beautiful girlfriend and checked out Seattle. We had a great time, the people were really nice, enjoyed a great dinner at Anchovies and Olives and checked out the EMP who is hosting a exhibit on Nirvana right now that is worth the drive if you were a little grunge nerd like I was back in the day. Here is a couple shots from the trip.