Crossfit Whistler

I’m always stoked to get a call from a repeat client, especially when they’re as fun as the crew at  CrossFit Whistler. It was time for them to refresh their website and marketing images.The idea behind the shoot was to show off their new space, as well as produce images that display the relaxed group atmosphere they offer with their training, while helping you achieve your goals.

Mexico Mega Post


Near the end of April one of my oldest friends tied the knot at a nice little all inclusive near Puerto Vallarta. I like to fancy myself more of a traveller and not so much an all inclusive kind of guy but you would have to be a fool not to enjoy drinks delivered pool side with some of your oldest friends and family. After we were free from the wedding obligations my beautiful lady and I spent a week a little farther north touring around and catching some waves, or should I say trying to catch some waves. Here are a couple shots from our travels in the beautiful country of Mexico.

If you would like to see some more stuff from the wedding click on through.

Iikka Backstrom – Light of Day


This was from the last year that Whiteout Films was around and the first year D.C. started getting a little heavier in the snowboard scene. We were climbing up the glacier in Brandywine in some flat light and Iikka launched into this crevasse. Probably one of the scarier situations I have witnessed when someone is doing around eighty km in front of you and then just disappears into the earth. As always Iikka was a champ, a little shaken up but he rode the sled out with no steering column that day. It looks like great minds think a like because is running a new series dusting off the old files right now, the first one was on Jussi and they just put one up with some of my old stuff. Don’t worry it didn’t thin out the Light of Day files that much.

Port Townsend


Took a little trip south of the border a couple weeks back to Port Townsend with my beautiful girlfriend and friendly dog. The plan to camp was quickly changed with the early arrival of a storm, and we ended up staying at a great little cottage right in town at The Swan Hotel, which I highly recommend. Nothing to exciting happened besides sampling the local cuisine and spirits, but it is a great place to check out when your ready to get out of town for a minute.

I shot all these images with my trusty Canon s100, which continues to impress me. For a small compact camera it really packs a punch, it has all the power of my old G9 with a fraction of the size, and the lens on it is so nice.

Pique News Magazine Lake Lovely Water


The pique has a travel feature this week with a couple of my shots from a trip I did up to Lake Lovely Water a while back. One of my favorite images from the trip is of Dave Straton who came along from Whistler Fishing Guides laying out a nice cast.If you are in the area I highly recommend calling up Ian King from  Whistler Air for a flight in, the fishing is usually  tough but with the cold summer we have had I bet the fishing is still going off up there.

Dr Carla Cupido


I had a great shoot with a new client last week. Dr Carla Cupido has opened a new clinic in West Vancouver called Baseline Health if you are in the area and need a little tune up stop by, you won’t be disappointed.

Here is a little info on their practice and beliefs:

A combination of passion, creativity and medical science has produced Baseline Health™. We are an imaginative group providing manual medicine, rehabilitation, preventive movement prescription, health education workshops, movement based programming, and online health resources.

Baseline Health™ recognizes that our work is only one piece of the whole health puzzle. We therefore support the integration of all health disciplines. This concept of teamwork is sewn into the fabric from which Baseline Health™ was formed.

We believe that education is the key to health. Without understanding how your body works, how can you properly care for it? At Baseline Health™, our goal is to equip you with the tools required to live healthy and strong. Operating on the leading edge of health research, we strive to offer the most current approaches and information available.