Boarder Patrol for Snowboard Canada Magazine


One of the things I like about working with the crew at Snowboard Canada is they are always up to let you try something different. So when I approached them about trying to snowmobile across the border between Canada and the USA they jumped at the idea. Almost everyone else I talked to about it thought it was a bad idea, but you know what they say bad ideas make for great stories. Unfortunately we did not accomplish our mission, but we did explore some new terrain,had some laughs and saw some creepy stuff along a small stretch of the worlds longest undefended border. Grab a copy at your local shop and thanks for coming along guys.

Wiley Tesseo Light Of Day

Wiley Tesseo snowboarding in Pemberton B.C.
Wiley Tesseo snowboarding in Pemberton B.C.

Wiley Tesseo is a pillow destroyer. We worked on a project together a couple years back and here are some of the outtakes.