Mountain Life Annual


In this day and age you are more likely to see a magazine going under then a new one popping up. After quite a few years of success with their two publications Mountain Life Coast Mountains and Mountain Life Georgian Bay, the crew at Mountain Life Publishing is throwing their hat in the ring with a new publication Mountain Life Annual. I recently got my hands on a copy and trust me it’s worth the money. Well put together, great print quality, and packed with awesome information. They say it is the kind of magazine you will want to keep on your coffee table for a while, but I feel it is better suited to the bookshelf, where it will be safe from beer bottle rings this summer.

Check out what Editor Leslie Anthony has to say about the new publication.

Snowboard Canada Pillow Madness Feature In Photo Issue


The last issue for this season of Snowboard Canada just dropped and Feet Banks and I have a feature in it. I am so happy with the way it turned out, the design team there knocked it out of the park. It is so great to have the support of SBC they are not afraid to take chances when you come at them with a bit of a different idea, something you don’t see much of in any other snow industry publication these days. A big thank you to the rider’s that were involved, they not only killed it in the backcountry but went the extra mile for the portraits as well. Thanks so much to everyone that helped pull this one off.

Recent Tear Sheets from Mark Gribbon Photography


Well now that the holiday’s are over and I have come out of my Turkey/Crown Royal stuppor you will start to see a little more action around the blog. The newest Snowboard Canada just dropped with a feature I put together last spring. We spent a couple nights camping up on the Pemberton Ice Cap with a great crew consisting of Shin Campos, Martin Gallant, Joel Loverin, Tyler Chorlton and Kareem El Rafie.The snow conditions were less then ideal but we managed to put together a couple shots for the story. I think everyone had to buy new skis after this trip as we hit a few km’s of dirt on the access road but it was all worth it in the end. So if you haven’t picked up a copy yet make sure you do but for now you can check out the recent tear sheets from Mark Gribbon Photography below.

Marie France Roy Cover for Transworld Japan

Marie France Roy on the cover of Transworld Japan shot by Mark Gribbon Photography
Marie France Roy on the cover of Transworld Japan shot by Mark Gribbon Photography

Wrapping up what has turned into a bit of a woman’s week here on o.k. listen is my latest cover with Marie France Roy for Transworld Japan. This is from our trip last season to Mount Cain on Vancouver Island that I featured earlier this week. We may have had some of the worst camping conditions, but in the end we got some shots and had some fun, and that is really what it’s all about. Thanks Marie, looking forward to this winter!

Helen Schettini The Hardest Working Lady In Snowboarding

20120204_yes_ruth_068-2It is great to see when hard work pays off for someone and all the hard work is paying off for Helen. She just signed a deal with Adidas Snowboarding, has an interview in Snowboard Magazine as well she landed the cover of the  SBC Women’s Annual with a great interview inside, and from what I hear has another great part in YES Snowboardsnew movie. It really is a pleasure to see her getting the recognition she deserves.

Mountain Life Magazine The End Of The World Issue


Mountain Life Magazine just dropped their End Of The World Issue and Dave Barnes, Trevan and I collaborated on the cover image. It is great to see a magazine breaking the mold and trying something different.The issue is packed with some great survival tips to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse, as well as many other great articles. If you are in the sea to sky corridor make sure you grab a copy.