Dave Short Light Of Day

Dave Short Slaying The Whistler Backcountry
Dave Short Slaying The Whistler Backcountry

I first met Dave years ago working in a restaurant together in Whistler. You could tell right away he wasn’t cut out for the service industry, I mean he could do the job but he just wasn’t into it. After about a month of working there he just didn’t show up one day. Of course working in a mountain town your mind starts to think the worst but it turns out Dave just packed up his truck and sled and headed north with a crew because he heard the snow was good. I think he has been chasing the snow ever since then and hasn’t looked back. He just dropped his last edit of his web series Short Stories, and it is filled with some great riding.


Brian McClatchy Light of Day


With the amount of time I have been spending on the computer lately you would think a blog post or two would have made it out. Lets get things back up and running with a Light of Day from one of my all time favorite riders Brian McClatchy. Brian was one of the O.G. Stepchild riders and one of the first riders I started venturing into the backcountry with. I even had my first photo published in SBC of him. Last I heard he was in Vancouver riding his skateboard and living the good life.

Chris Charlebois – Light of Day


I have never really shot much of the urban side of snowboarding although when I was younger it was how I started out riding, in the mean streets of Pembroke Ontario. After hitting the big slopes of the local convent and golf course we would poach as many handrails as we could around town. These days it blows my mind what they are getting up to in the streets after watching the Real Snow videos that have been making the rounds.  I haven’t seen Chris in a while but I always liked to shoot with him because his riding was so skate influenced and he was always down to try and find a different spot around town when the snow was bad.

D.C.P. – Light of Day


Today on Light of Day we have someone that needs no introduction in the snowboard world as David is widely known as one of the best in the biz. A few years back the Yes team pioneered a new zone in the Whistler Backcountry while filming for their team project. Let me tell you that breaking into a new zone in the backcountry is no easy task and these guys went to great lengths to make this spot happen. I spent a few days back there with them and got my ass kicked by the terrain and my snowmobile and was so happy to see the truck at the end of the day. But great times were had by all, and it is always great to see a new spot in the beautiful mountains we are surrounded by here in B.C.