Seth Sherlock Edit


Over the summer I was shooting a little mountain biking with Whistler Creek Productions and a young lad named Seth Sherlock. When the boys first told me about the project they neglected to mention Seth’s age, so when I showed up for the first day of shooting I was a little taken back by Seth’s size. I knew the jumps we were going to shoot as I have shot them before with other riders and then to see Seth step up to the triple line of jumps that scare even the most seasoned rider it definitely made a serious impression on me. Throughout the rest of the summer Seth continued to impress and step to more and more dangerous features after weighing all factors like a seasoned pro. To say you will be seeing more of this young guy is a understatement. I was just thinking back to my summer as a ten year old and it had nothing to do with river gaps, steep rock rides, or big drops. I wonder if when he goes to school and talks about his summer vacation if he will show this video. Probably not because it is just a everyday occurrence for this Squamish youngster.

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Incoming From What We Want Films


I spent a few days with these Euros last season in the backcountry, lots of laughs and good times. Couple drunkin nights as well. The teaser for their new project just dropped and it seems like the boys have stepped up their game this year. Nice work guys can’t wait to see the full piece.



A Hel Of A Time With Helen Schettini


The hardest working lady in snowboarding is at it again. Helen just dropped her first episode in her new web series that is airing this year. The intro is nice and of course has some sweet riding in it. I got to work with Helen on a project last year that I can’t wait to come to print, as well she got me out of a sticky situation last season that I will forever be grateful for. She is a hell of a rider and a fine lady, I can’t wait to see the other episodes. She recently dropped  a new website that you can check out and keep up to date with her awesomeness.

Mountain Life Annual


In this day and age you are more likely to see a magazine going under then a new one popping up. After quite a few years of success with their two publications Mountain Life Coast Mountains and Mountain Life Georgian Bay, the crew at Mountain Life Publishing is throwing their hat in the ring with a new publication Mountain Life Annual. I recently got my hands on a copy and trust me it’s worth the money. Well put together, great print quality, and packed with awesome information. They say it is the kind of magazine you will want to keep on your coffee table for a while, but I feel it is better suited to the bookshelf, where it will be safe from beer bottle rings this summer.

Check out what Editor Leslie Anthony has to say about the new publication.

Happy Canada Day


I feel blessed to live in one of the greatest countries in the world, and to be able to explore and capture it in all it’s beauty. Make sure you get outside today and spend some time in the wilderness with your family and friends.

Thanks Canada for being so awesome! Happy Canada Day


Snowboard Canada Pillow Madness Feature In Photo Issue


The last issue for this season of Snowboard Canada just dropped and Feet Banks and I have a feature in it. I am so happy with the way it turned out, the design team there knocked it out of the park. It is so great to have the support of SBC they are not afraid to take chances when you come at them with a bit of a different idea, something you don’t see much of in any other snow industry publication these days. A big thank you to the rider’s that were involved, they not only killed it in the backcountry but went the extra mile for the portraits as well. Thanks so much to everyone that helped pull this one off.

Chris Charlebois – Light of Day


I have never really shot much of the urban side of snowboarding although when I was younger it was how I started out riding, in the mean streets of Pembroke Ontario. After hitting the big slopes of the local convent and golf course we would poach as many handrails as we could around town. These days it blows my mind what they are getting up to in the streets after watching the Real Snow videos that have been making the rounds.  I haven’t seen Chris in a while but I always liked to shoot with him because his riding was so skate influenced and he was always down to try and find a different spot around town when the snow was bad.