Marie France Roy Cover for Transworld Japan

Marie France Roy on the cover of Transworld Japan shot by Mark Gribbon Photography
Marie France Roy on the cover of Transworld Japan shot by Mark Gribbon Photography

Wrapping up what has turned into a bit of a woman’s week here on o.k. listen is my latest cover with Marie France Roy for Transworld Japan. This is from our trip last season to Mount Cain on Vancouver Island that I featured earlier this week. We may have had some of the worst camping conditions, but in the end we got some shots and had some fun, and that is really what it’s all about. Thanks Marie, looking forward to this winter!

Mountain Life Magazine The End Of The World Issue


Mountain Life Magazine just dropped their End Of The World Issue and Dave Barnes, Trevan and I collaborated on the cover image. It is great to see a magazine breaking the mold and trying something different.The issue is packed with some great survival tips to survive the upcoming zombie apocalypse, as well as many other great articles. If you are in the sea to sky corridor make sure you grab a copy.

Snowboard Canada Cover


One of my images just landed on the cover of the newest issue of Snowboard Canada. It is from a trip I did last season while I was on assignment for them, we were lucky enough to get shown around by Pat Kitto and a couple of the  island locals and came away from the trip with a bunch of bangers. I will be showing more from the trip once the magazine is out, for now here is the cover.

Thanks to the crew at SBC for the support over the years, as well as Joel for sending it!


Playboard Photo Annual


I just received my copy of the Playboard photo annual and I am so excited to have the cover. I shot this while out with the 8mile crew in Pemberton last winter,  Shin came out for the day and warmed up with this method. As well I just updated my website with a new layout  and images,  my blog has also changed to Word Press so if you want to keep up with what is going on with me this winter you will have to change it in your blog reader.

See you in the mountains!