Everyone loves their iphone, it makes your life easier, all your info is in your pocket, when I dropped in on one I was most excited to have a decent camera with me at all times. I downloaded all different kinds of  photo apps for it but never really found one that I was super stoked on. Then in comes Instagram, I am addicted, I can admit it. It is a simple to use app with some amazing features. Not only does it give you choices of all your old favorite films, it has a tilt shift feature that I have yet to see anyone else even come close to. Everyday I walk my dog in the same area and now with Instagram my new challenge is to come up with a different shot each day. I really enjoy the challenge, it forces me to look at my environment differently then I normally would and  with it being the same space everyday it really makes me appreciate my area that much more.

Here are a couple from the daily walk.


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