Incoming From What We Want Films


I spent a few days with these Euros last season in the backcountry, lots of laughs and good times. Couple drunkin nights as well. The teaser for their new project just dropped and it seems like the boys have stepped up their game this year. Nice work guys can’t wait to see the full piece.



Recent Tear Sheets from Mark Gribbon Photography


Well now that the holiday’s are over and I have come out of my Turkey/Crown Royal stuppor you will start to see a little more action around the blog. The newest Snowboard Canada just dropped with a feature I put together last spring. We spent a couple nights camping up on the Pemberton Ice Cap with a great crew consisting of Shin Campos, Martin Gallant, Joel Loverin, Tyler Chorlton and Kareem El Rafie.The snow conditions were less then ideal but we managed to put together a couple shots for the story. I think everyone had to buy new skis after this trip as we hit a few km’s of dirt on the access road but it was all worth it in the end. So if you haven’t picked up a copy yet make sure you do but for now you can check out the recent tear sheets from Mark Gribbon Photography below.

Coast Mountain Culture


A new mag just dropped their first issue and they have come out of the gate strong. Coast Mountain Culture is covering the Pacific North West and everything that is awesome about the rivers, oceans, mountains and people. I especially liked the article the Long White Line about the most ambitious ski traverse ever by Geoff Powter. Mike Berard put out the call looking for a Pacific North West Snowboarding images, and I was honoured when they chose one of mine. Martin has been exploring these mountains for many years now, on this day we were out trying to get a cover shot for his sbc interview. Unfortunately the snow on the feature we were hoping to hit did not want to cooperate, however on the opposite face there was still plenty of snow to be had and Martin made the most of it.

Thanks Mike and Peter from Coast Mountain looking forward to the second issue already.

Martin Gallant Living Legends

gallnt_segram-39-Edit just dropped the next video in their Living Legends series. This time around it is on Martin Gallant. They really did a great job on his interview, like always Martin is truthful and entertaining in it and it shows some great footage from over the years. Don’t miss out on it it really is worth the watch. Above is a slideshow that I put together in 2009 for the Island Lake Lodge Photo Shoot Out, where along with Helen Schettini and Justin Van Der Poelen and Martin we won best overall portfolio.

Thanks for all the good times Martin!

Martin Gallant


Ask anyone that knows him he is one of a kind, it is his birthday today if you see him buy him a beer and ask for a story, if not you should follow him on twitter @martingodfather the stories and tweets are worth it.