Eero Niemela – Light of Day


With the rain starting up over the last couple of days, I have been digging through the crates and dusting of the hard drives. I have been inspired by Russell & Dano to show some of my older photos that have never seen the light of day. The first one is a terrible scan of Eero Niemela from back in the film days, shot on ILFORD DELTA stock in the Pemberton British Columbia. This will be a ongoing topic on o.k. listen so expect to be seeing more.



I have been on a bit of a contest spree lately. I posted earlier about the PDN contest, and thought I would take a chance with this new one called THE OPEN. Turns out the shot of Shin made photo of the day on their blog. Thanks so much guys, make sure you check out the contest there is such a great variety of shots in it already.

Above is a shot of Shin from the same day, we need some snow I am itching to get out there. Click through the links to see what I have in the contest.