Climbing Shoot


I always love the opportunity to shoot something new. I have wanted to shoot some climbing shots for a while now so when I got the call from a client to shoot a famous Squamish climb and create a custom print for a gift I jumped at the opportunity. Proper Design handled the printing and knocked it out of the park on the extra large canvas.

Mountain Life Magazine Assignment


The latest Mountain Life just dropped, and as always the crew put out a great mag. I am always interested to see what other people are up to in our backyard and  Jim Martinello didn’t disappoint this issue with a great little article on his trip with Dean Potter working on a show for The National Geographic Channel about the man who can fly. Those guys are next level and really that’s all there is to say about that, if you haven’t seen anything they have been up to make sure you click through and check it out.

I worked on an assignment for Mountain Life about Good Time Farming, a family run operation that is rocking the boat when it comes to farming. Basically they take over your backyard or any other space you are willing to give up and produce some great produce.Below are a couple pics that never made it in to the story as well as an old Instagram of what one of the boxes yield during the summer. Their stuff is delicious.


Everyone loves their iphone, it makes your life easier, all your info is in your pocket, when I dropped in on one I was most excited to have a decent camera with me at all times. I downloaded all different kinds of  photo apps for it but never really found one that I was super stoked on. Then in comes Instagram, I am addicted, I can admit it. It is a simple to use app with some amazing features. Not only does it give you choices of all your old favorite films, it has a tilt shift feature that I have yet to see anyone else even come close to. Everyday I walk my dog in the same area and now with Instagram my new challenge is to come up with a different shot each day. I really enjoy the challenge, it forces me to look at my environment differently then I normally would and  with it being the same space everyday it really makes me appreciate my area that much more.

Here are a couple from the daily walk.


Drop your Instagram handle in the comment section below, and we can geek out about photos.

Squamish River


Every morning I walk my dog down by the Squamish river and I am always blown away by the amount of wildlife that is supported by the river. The early mornings in the backcountry are about to start and the leisurely dog walks will have to be put off until later in the day. Here are a couple photos from the last month of life at the river.