Port Townsend


Took a little trip south of the border a couple weeks back to Port Townsend with my beautiful girlfriend and friendly dog. The plan to camp was quickly changed with the early arrival of a storm, and we ended up staying at a great little cottage right in town at The Swan Hotel, which I highly recommend. Nothing to exciting happened besides sampling the local cuisine and spirits, but it is a great place to check out when your ready to get out of town for a minute.

I shot all these images with my trusty Canon s100, which continues to impress me. For a small compact camera it really packs a punch, it has all the power of my old G9 with a fraction of the size, and the lens on it is so nice.

Family Vacation


I spent most of June traveling around British Columbia with my family taking in the sites and being a tourist. It was refreshing to go to a bunch of my favorite spots with people that were experiencing it with fresh eyes for the first time. I feel lucky to live in one of the best places on earth. Here are a couple shots from our travels.

If you go to tofino, make sure you go fishing with Chris Eby at Wild West Inn & Charters it is a guaranteed good time!