Snowboard Photography Yearbook


Jerome Tanon is one of those guys that if no one’s doing it he is going to. He recently contacted every snowboard photographer he could from across the globe and put together a collection of images from the 2012/2013 season the book is now ready for purchase on Blurb and is going to be worth every penny.

Preface :

This book is the result of 12 months of following the snowboarding scene on both hemispheres by 76 of the most dedicated snowboard photographers. Snowboarding is a passion long before being a sport; the same goes for snowboard photography. It is a life choice of little money but big adventures, a true love for snowboarding long before being a job. We all snowboard. Not a single man or woman in these pages can live off shooting their friends riding powder, and for most of us it is a struggle, a dedication to being there on the road, camera in one hand, board in the other. Picture us as a legion of reporters hiking all day in the deep, digging snow with the guys, sharing the ride, freezing our fingers every other day, covering every aspect of snowboarding and its progression; trying to show how fun, how intense, how elevating this lifestyle is. Because snowboarders are all-around mountain and street rippers, open-minded traveler’s, lovers of life and true friendships, pursuers of dreams; because they are finding happiness in freedom, in riding sideways through the layers of society; because it seems that they feed their souls every time they strap in; we, snowboard photographers, want to witness and testify to this great story. We want the world to see that there is something big out there, beyond the daily routine. But here is the twist : although we share the same passion, sometimes the same friends and often explore the very same remote locations in the many countries where one can ride, we almost never meet on the snow. We swap our seats going from crew to crew trying to ensure no film crew goes without a photo-man. As much as we love taking photos, we love looking at a fellow’s beautiful shots. We wish we could put all our pictures together, share our best shots, discuss them, amaze ourselves at the diversity of styles and personalities. Every year I waited passionately for such a book to emerge until I realized that if nobody was doing it, I had to do it. They all agreed with enthusiasm and sent over their favourite shots to make a selection, as well as to publish it at cost. This first-of-a-kind photo book is our ultimate coffee table treasure, it is meant to be a gift to our worldwide community. Now brace yourself for an avalanche of tilt-shift handplants and lens flare backside airs.

Jérôme Tanon 

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