Gaetan Chanut


One of my favourite images of Gaetan was recently used in a new Sims ad. One of the things that makes this photo so special is Gaetan is riding an original Noah Salasnek model including the low backs from the early 90’s. Back at that time I was probably still rocking my Craig Kelly and the whole crew was jealous when our buddy Domi showed up with that deck. Twin tip, skate inspired graphics, it was one of the first boards to bridge the gap between skateboarding and snowboarding and was much different then anything we had seen at that time.

The day we shot this I remember Gaetan pulling out that deck and all my memories of riding golf courses and Mount Chili as a kid came flooding back. However, we were never pulling corked sevens like him! They also used one of my images in his profile on their website, check it out he is holding down seniority over there next to Tom.

Thanks Gaetan.

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